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Handgun Carry Permits

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Shot Right Training Academy and all of its instructors are certified by the state of Tennessee to teach the Handgun  Carry Permit classes.  This is at-least a nine-hour class divided up between the classroom and live fire range time.  Before attending the course, please visit the State of Tennessee's Website to fill out the state application.  Once you get to the website, click on the folder tag "HANDGUN PERMITS."  If you are a current Tennessee resident, click on LOGIN TO E-SERVICES by entering the requesting information.  If you are a new Tennessee resident; Click on the NEW RESIDENT HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT link to the right of the main screen.

Once you have completed the application process for your TN Handgun Carry Permits you will receive a confirmation number that you must bring with you the day of class because your instructor will need that number (in order) to report your class scores to the State.  If you fail to bring your confirmation number to class with you, you will be unable to complete the class. 

This class will cover the Basic handgun nomenclature, functionality, legal liability, range rules, shooting fundamentals and safety.  At the end of the classroom portion you are required to take a multiple choice and true/false test provided by the state.

The range portion of the class consists of a 50 round course of fire.  That entails shooting 20 rounds at a distance of 3 yards, 20 rounds at 5 yards and 10 rounds at 7 yards.  You are able to use any caliber handgun to your liking.  You do not have to carry the same firearm that you qualify with (We highly recommend that you use the same gun you plan on carrying).  If you do not have a handgun we will provide one for an additional $10.00 rental fee (.22LR/9mm Semi-automatic/Students are required to buy their own ammunition).

After passing both the classroom and shooting range portions you will have completed the course and will receive a Tennessee Certificate of Completion.  You will have 6 months to turn the certificate into the state before it expires or you will have to repeat the entire class over.  You will need to go to your full service Driver License Station or DMV office of your choice.  When turning in your paperwork you will have to pay for the fingerprints, background check and permit itself.  Price is based on the time length of the permit. 

After everything has processed the State of Tennessee will mail you a copy of your TN Handgun Permit which will then make you legal to carry.  We will provide you paperwork that details the step by step process you have to follow after taking the class along with any phone numbers that might help you along the way.

At the Driver's License Station:

  • You will need your Driver's License 
  • You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate or U.S. Passport
  • This is when you pay the (Fee's)
  • You will have your photo taken and your signature digitally captured.‚Äč
  • You will be given instructions how to sign up for and where to go for finger printing
  • If you have questions, ask the DMV examiner for further details pertaining to the finger printing process. 
  • After fingerprinting, it may take 6-12 weeks for processing of your permit.
  • Your Handgun Carry Permit will be delivered to you by U.S. Mail.


  • An open mind and the willingness to learn all of the subject material and participate in all course activities.
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older. (See Here)
  • You must be within six months of your 21st birthday before you can fill out the state application
  • All student's may be required to pass a safe handling practical exercise before we conduct live-fire operations
  • All student firearms are subject to inspection for functionality and safety
  • We require all students to read our policies before the course date:  (Policies)

What to bring: (We shoot the qualification course on an outdoor range)

  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Pen/Paper for Notes
  • Water/Coffee will be provided
  • Brimmed Hat
  • Prescription Glasses
  • Please bring a packed lunch (1 hour lunch break at noon)
  • Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Sun Screen (Optional)
  • Bug Dope (Optional) 
  • Please do not wear open toed shoes, No short cut, V-neck shirts or blouses
  • Any required prescription medications needed for an emergency (Consult your physician first)
  • Proper clothing (Weather Permitting)


All ammunition used by students during training shall be of quality, commercial manufacture.Reloaded ammunition is acceptable only if it is of commercial manufacture.

Type of handguns:

  • First,  You should be shooting/qualifying with the gun you plan on carrying with everyday. (If you carry 2; bring both)
  • Handguns used by students in a TN Handgun Permits Course shall be of quality manufacture and free from operational defects
  • All handguns shall be inspected by an instructor prior to live-fire.  If the handgun is deemed unsafe it will not be used during qualification.

Note:  If you do not have a handgun one can be provided for you free of charge. (Minus Ammo) Please let us know before class.  If you bring your firearm into the class, it will be cleared by the instructor and the instructor will secure the firearm for the remainder of the class until we move to the range. 

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