"It takes the RIGHT training to make the SHOT Count."
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"It takes the Right Training to make the Shot Count."


"I took the Tennessee handgun training course with Shot Right Training Academy on 12-15-17.  David and Tom were extremely knowledgeable, professional and very helpful.  Their wealth of experience was truly welcomed.  I would recommend their training course and Academy to anyone."
-Roy J.; Crossville
"I’ve taken other firearm carry classes before and this class is the BEST.....the tip of the sword!
The instructors are easy to understand and cover everything you need to know. I highly recommend their weapons carry class."
-Jon B.; Crossville

"Excellent course! Dave and Tom go above and beyond to make sure that you are confident and prepared for your test and also to face potential real life situations. I would definitely recommend Shot Right Training Academy to anyone!"

-Adam R.; Crossville

"I just finished the Range Safety Officer class given by the Academy.  I had no foreknowledge of the content of the class or of the capability of the instructor(s).  The entire class of students, including me, was enthralled by the presentation style, the knowledge of the instructors, the organization of everything, and the preparation skill/time taken to cover so much so well with such great enthusiasm.  I have seen many RSO's in action and now understand how well prepared I will be to undertake the position and begin to develop my own style.  I now have the knowledge base to begin to develop the skills that were taught.  My attitude toward being a RSO was greatly enhanced through watching and listening to the instructors and seeing the great attitude and the enthusiasm they had.  I look forward to continuing my education and skills enhancement in the shooting field by attending more classes given by Shot Right Academy."
-Larry L.; Crossville
NRA Basic Pistol Class
"Let it be said that "Shot Right Academy" fulfilled all my expectations for learning how to use, handle, operate, and purchase a firearm, handgun, pistol or whatever you might call it. I went into the classroom with no real knowledge about handguns and left at the end of the day with a complete understanding, plenty of literature and confidence in handling and firing a pistol safely and with correct form. Safety is Paramount at "Shot Right Academy" and first on their agenda. I would recommend "Shot Right Academy" to anybody who wants to learn the right way."

-Andy Z.; Los Angeles
NRA Basic Pistol Class
"Excellent!  Even having many years of experience with firearms I'm so glad I decided to take SRTA's NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.  I had fallen out of practice over the years and felt this course would be a perfect way to refresh my confidence, proper handling and shooting skills.  Chief Instructor David and his assistant, Shilo, are very personable with the patience and a training style that put any nerves at ease.  They made the entire training course an enjoyable, positive experience and well worth the time.  SRTA's course absolutely increased my knowledge base, exposed my weaknesses and gave me the tools I was lacking to continue with developing my skills to make me better, safer and more confident in the use of firearms.  No matter how much you think you know, keep training."
-Tad C.; Burbank
"I am an Officer in Arizona and had to take a shot gun course. Since there were no NRA approved courses close to me, I found Shot Right to be the my best option. It was not only my best option because I could go home and see family, but after speaking with Chief Instructor David, I was confident I would receive good training. Right away, over the phone, he was hospitable and I could tell he cares about his students. I could also tell he just loves to train.

Well, I was right about my last remark and It totally showed as soon as I got in the classroom. Chief Instructor David was passionate and eager to teach the history of the shotgun. Whenever you talk history, there is always a chance it might get boring. Not with David. He could have been saying "blah, blah, blah" but his enthusiasm and energetic attitude would of made you sit at the edge of your seat in anticipation of what he was going to say next. On the range, his training/knowledge was excellent. He is an outside the box thinker and will set his students up for success, not for failure. Another thing to mention I was very surprised with is demeanor on the range. He was super calm and encouraging.  David gave you a sense that you were in good hands and were not going to be criticized for being a beginner.  If I obtain any new weapons I am unsure of for home, work, self-defense, I have no doubt Shot Right Academy will take care of me or my family."
-Danny F., Police Officer; Arizona

"I had no expectations prior to taking this course from Shot Right Training Academy.  My goal was to learn enough about guns to not be so afraid of them.  The course exceeded my expectations and I walked out at the end of the program feeling like I could defend myself with a pistol if I needed to.  I am looking forward to taking both the shotgun and rifle classes.  David Marino is a knowledgeable, thorough and a patient instructor."

-Barbara C.; Beverly Hills

"I recently took an NRA handgun course with Shot Right Training Academy.  Even though I have some experience with firearms I was pleasantly surprised at what I learned.  The reason is the instructor who was clearly committed to each student participating at his/her best level.  This kept everyone engaged and attentive  throughout the day.  No intimidation, no attitude, just real valuable and instruction presented in a professional but friendly & sincere way.  I highly recommend David whether you are a new shooter or experienced."
-Jayson. H.; Beverly Hills
Student Testimonials-NRA Basic Pistol
"I am a 61 year-old woman who entered the basic pistol class as a complete novice having a significant fear of guns out of ignorance.  David promised that by the end of his course, I would be comfortable handling a firearm.  He not only kept his promise, he greatly exceeded it by infusing a respect for and excitement to continue to expand my experience with firearms.
Whatever your reason for seeking training in firearms, I can assure you David and his crew at Shot Right are the best way to go.  He is a very gifted and passionate instructor who takes full ownership of the learning experience and meets each individual exactly where they are.  I'm convinced the combination of his extensive knowledge, passion and humility are the ingredients that make him the best instructor one could find and I highly recommend Shot Right over any of their competitors."

-Tess. M.; Pasadena

"I took a 2 day Personal Protection Outside The Home class and I couldn't be more inspired and satisfied.  David is a great instructor, and a great person with as much inspirational experience that might be too much to be included in a hard cover autobiography, not kidding.  He did not only deliver knowledge and skills required for the class as an instructor, but so much more to add to the best firearm training experience I have had so far as an NRA instructor myself teaching pistol, shotgun, and rifle, I am more than convinced I will come back for more as David will bring more enriched firearm training disciplines and experience soon.  David, a big thumbs up!"

-Henry H.; Arcadia

"As far as I am concerned, your training – both technique and content was appropriate, up-to-date, and comprehensive.  I like how you kept the pace of training appropriate and engaging.  The drills were fun and enlightening.  It is clear you have a passion for the hobby and the art.  I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to more training."

-D. Grossman.; Ventura

"David truly has a passion to teach others the important aspects of understanding firearms. His class was an opportunity to experience his passion and excellence first hand.  Everyone in class received personal instruction to help them achieve their highest potential.  In the first 10 minutes I understood his mission & commitment - to make certain all students realize their full potential while having a pleasant experience to assist the learning process.  You will be amazed at all the information he packs into an exciting afternoon. Conspicuously absent was any form of intimidation or condescension I've experienced in gun stores.  His inviting manner makes everyone, young and old comfortable to ask questions and participate. Mediocrity is not in his DNA. I am forever thankful to have attended his class and feel as if I've made a valuable friend in the sport of shooting.

-J. Harvey.; Beverly Hills

NRA Basic Rifle Class
"Shot right provides a safe, friendly, personable and proficient environment for you as a student to learn firearm Safety. I would highly recommend taking Shot Right courses to learn or improve existing firearm skills."

-Charles B.; Palmdale

NRA Basic Pistol Class

"I took the NRA Basics Pistol Shooting class with David Marino, Chief Instructor of shot Right Training Academy last Saturday. With David's background he's a very knowledgeable, experienced, honest & enthusiastic teaching instructor. I'm so glad to have learned my first gun lesson from such a great individual. I strongly recommend anyone to take David's classes, you'll never regret if you do. I am looking forward to take David's private lessons soon, along with my family members."

-Jane C.; Los Angeles

NRA Basic Pistol Class
"I recently took a course on fundamentals of shooting a firearm ... along with my son..The instructors Dave and Jason were very helpful in many ways... Mostly that they didn't make us feel uncomfortable with our lack of knowledge and inspired some common sense as far as Safety and basic fundamentals of beginning shooting ... Mainly they managed to capture my undivided attention for a solid day ... and if you know me , you know I have a very,very, short attention span ... For them to accomplish this shows their technique is very effective ... I want to Thank them both for utilizing their patience and know how ... it was truly a memorable and beneficial experience ... not to mention that My son and I had a solid 9 hours ..of bonding ...(something Rare in today's society ) Thank you guys..Edd"

-Edd L.; Los Angeles County

"I highly recommended  Shot Right Training Academy with David Marino to friends and family who've never shot any type of fire arms before.  David has a very good background experience with fire arms.  He makes it a point to teach proper gun safety before anything.  He's very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and, not to mentioned also very patient.  He will make sure at the end of he day, you walk away comfortable and confident in your abilities to safely own and operate a handgun. Thanks again David for your help and for your service in the Military."

-Al D.; Los Angeles

Student Testimonials-Rifle
"I am a casual shooter, but lacked formal training (military, LE, etc) or a background in shooting so I contacted David for a private lesson to cover the basics of rifle shooting. He crafted a course that covered the safety aspects, the fundamentals of shooting, various rifle shooting positions, and how to implement the information.  David helped me correct numerous areas such as my grip on the rifle, which part of my finger I placed the trigger, my breathing, plus much more. As an added/unexpected benefit, he noticed my scope wasn't setup properly for eye relief.  After the lesson, I made necessary adjustments to scope. And the next time I went shooting, I incorporated the information and techniques he provided during the lesson and I felt more  comfortable and was able to shoot much more accurately immediately.  I highly recommend David to anyone who is interested in becoming a better shooter." 

-James M.; Los Angeles

NRA Basic Rifle Class
"In the past month I have taken the NRA basic shotgun, pistol and rifle courses with Dave at Shot Right Training Academy; every course exceeded my expectations.
Dave is a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor, and his passion for shooting and sharing his knowledge makes for a very informative and enjoyable training environment.  I look forward to training with Dave again in the future."

-Dave O.; Riverside County

NRA Basic Pistol Class
"After many years sitting behind a desk I wanted to get back to my roots while remembering that my Dad said I have the ultimate responsibility and right to protect my family and self. This responsibly can manifest itself in seconds.  So what does this mean for the average person? Maybe nothing or everything.  I had some training in the military, but that was years ago and I am in my sixties now, slower but more aware of the dynamics of life.  I worked with David in the Basics of Pistol Shooting class to get up to speed. He's an excellent coach that helped me learn about proper safety and gun handling.  I expect, with Dave's help to move up to tactical training. I also look forward to taking the other classes, like the rifle and shot gun. Thanks David for the detail and honesty."

-John S.; Los Angeles

NRA Basic Pistol Class

"I recently had a 2 hour pistol lesson with Dave Marino of Shot Right Training Academy. I found him to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and an overall great teacher. I shot a 9mm, a .380, a .22LR revolver, and a .357 Magnum and was taught not only marksmanship, but there was also a big emphasis on gun safety. I highly recommend him for beginners and seasoned shooters."

-Bill T.; Los Angeles County

NRA Basic Shotgun Course
"WOW!! I honestly can't say enough about this course.  I recently completed the Basic Shotgun Training Course and I am happy to say that I now feel confident in my ability to safely and efficiently handle/operate a shotgun.  The instructor, David was extremely knowledgeable and deeply passionate about teaching the basics of gun safety and use.  The classroom portion was extremely helpful and it allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the different types of shotguns, ammunition, operation and safety procedures before stepping onto the often "intimidating" public gun range.  With Dave's expertise and his style of hands-on teaching, I felt extremely comfortable when it came time to actually fire the shot!  For any of you individuals looking for someone to properly educate you on gun safety, use and operation, I recommend seeing David with Shot-Right Training Academy - he is simply one of the best!"

-Kyle B.; Los Angeles County

"I was looking for a firearm training classes for first time and had no idea how to go about it, or what to expect. Firearms training with David was incredible.  David has all the qualities you look for in a instructor; he's incredibly bright, responsive, patient, professional and knowledgeable.  He has your best interest in mind; which is extraordinary.  I highly recommend him, thank you for being a great instructor... CHIEF"

-Ara N.; Los Angeles County

"Before I took a class from Shot Right Training Academy I was really nervous around firearms and just holding one intimidated me! I decided to take a basic pistol course and the instructor, Dave, made the class fun and made me feel at ease. Now I really enjoy going out to the range to shoot and I feel confident being able to protect my family and home! Thank you Shot Right! I look forward to coming back to take another course!"

-L.S.; San Diego County

Student Testimonials

"I took the Basic Shotgun course a couple of weeks ago. It was a great training experience. David Marino, the instructor, is a truly cool guy with an incredible life story and tremendous knowledge of firearms. He is thorough, patient, and enthusiastic. The classroom portion provides great background history of shotguns, their uses, parts, nomenclature, handling and safety. The shooting portion was great because David worked with each individual student while they were firing, to point out things they were doing well or that needed improvement. Having feedback while shooting is the best way to learn. It is a great beginner course, especially for those that have little to no shotgun experience. Having an instructor that is patient and makes you feel at ease is so essential to learning to shoot well. I would take any course offered by Shot Right."

-Kyrica M., Animal Care Officer; Orange County

"This is one of the best marksmanship courses that I have taken. I used to shoot when I was younger, but have not fired a gun in years. Tom and Dave helped get me back on track to safely shoot my pistol again. Thanks! I Enjoyed the instruction."

-Jake V., Manager Dupont; Riverside County

Student Testimonials
"I worked with David in the Basics of Pistol Shooting class and could not be happier. He's an excellent coach that helped me learn about proper safety and gun handling. That was my first time at the shooting range, and I felt fairly confident after learning from him. I look forward to taking the other classes in the future, like the rifle and tactical class. Awesome teacher, and even more than that, a truly exceptional individual. Thanks David!"

-Jason S.; Los Angeles County

Student Testimonials

"This is hand down the best course I have been to.  Tom takes the time to show you the proper way to handle and shoot all your firearms.  He is a wealth of knowledge and makes you feel like part of the family.  I have more confidence in my skills now.  THANK YOU."

 -John C., Fire Department, Captain; Riverside County

"Tom changed up my stance, improved my accuracy and taught me how to move while shooting.  He is clear, encouraging and purposeful in his instruction.  Highly recommend!"

-John P., Church Pastor; Riverside County

Meet the people that have trained with Tom and Dave

"I am now certified with the NRA for my basic pistol training. I did much better then I expected. I have only been to a shooting rang once in my life about 13 years ago. I impressed myself. Thanks Tom and Dave. You are awesome instructor's. I would totally recommend these guys to help your confidence and knowledge of pistols or improve and sharpen your shooting skills. Great teachers. If your thinking of or already own a pistol I totally recommend you take the class. Thanks guys."

-Adelia S., Home Maker; Riverside County

"This was by far the best training I have ever received.  I have been shooting for over 20 years and considered myself highly capable.  Little did I know that I had built some bad habits along the way that were costing me time and accuracy.  These guys were amazing and professional at not only getting me back on track, but showing me how to be a better shooter all around.  My confidence is boosted, my accuracy has improved, and I am at a level that I never thought I would ever achieve.  Thanks you so much.  Can't wait to come back out."

-Kelly P., Nurse; Riverside County

David, “You are an awesome instructor and instill confidence, safety and knowledge with patience and kindness.”

-Mary; Los Angeles County

Students of Shot Right Training Academy

"Although I am an experienced shooter, I decided to take the class with my wife and am very glad I did. David proved capable of teaching to all levels, and easily adjusted his style to fit his student’s individualized needs.  His vast shooting experience made our time at the range very enjoyable. I highly recommend him for all your firearms training needs."

-Steven R. Ph,D. Owner, Sandstone Photography, LTD.; Ventura County

NRA Basic Pistol Student Testimonial

"David’s class was, by far, one of the more informative and interesting firearms courses I have taken yet.  Not only did he take the time needed to ensure I felt comfortable handling each pistol type, he also provided lots of one-on-one, personalized attention at the range to help ensure I passed the qualification portion of the course at the range.  I walked away with renewed confidence in my ability to handle, clean and shoot both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. I look forward to shooting with David again very soon."

-Peggy R., Freelance Writer/Consultant.; Ventura County

Student Testimonials

"Last Sunday I attended the class title NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course.  The instructor was Mr. David Marino with Shot Right Training Academy.  I have always wanted to learn more about, and feel more comfortable using, the .357 revolver I have owned for several years.  I was exposed to safety training in my teens and have always owned several guns.  I was like most I think feeling I knew all about gun safety.  After all, I knew how to load it and shoot it and I have never had an accident with a firearm.  Mr. Marino presented all the information I needed.  Along with his excellent verbal presentation, he had a variety of supportive visual aids including videos.  I felt very good about being tested at the end of this portion of the class.  We then headed for the range to put some of the morning's class to practical use.  Mr. Marino gave personal instruction and I felt more qualified after he corrected some of the mistakes I was making for years!  After instruction and practice, he put use through the qualification shooting part of the class.  We were able to use a variety of weapons including a .22 single action as well as a 9mm pistol.  I had never fired a 9mm before.  Instructor Marino had me shooting my .357 revolver more accurately after adjusting the wrong grip I had employed for some time.  I would recommend this class to those looking to learn more about their firearms and feel more comfortable using them!  David Marino was an excellent instructor"!

-Mike; Los Angeles County

NRA Basic Pistol Student Testimonial

"It was a pleasure to work with both instructors Tom and David Marino from Shot Right. It is always great to gain more knowledge and increase your shooting skills on any level. Tom and David are well qualified and have made me a much better shooter. In the Academy, I wasn't shooting to well and I can say now I am. I recommend if you are having any problems with shooting Shot Right will get you there. I drove all the way from Los Angeles to work with the both of them and I will definitely get more training from them.  Dave and Tom thank you so much for the help. I will keep Tom in my prayers as he defends our country."

-Chris,. LAPD Recruit; Los Angeles County