"It takes the RIGHT training to make the SHOT Count."
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"It takes the Right Training to make the Shot Count."

NRA Basic Shotgun Class
NRA Basic Pistol Class
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                   Firearms Training 

Firearms Training teaches others how to become safe and accountable firearms owners.  Shot Right Training Academy offers multiple firearms training classes.  These firearms training classes are designed for each students individual learning style.  The Academy provides Handgun Carry Permit classes, defensive firearms training classes to prepare others for violent confrontations.  We have no barriers between staff or student's and we strive to keep each student engaged in a conducive learning environment.  We provide every student the opportunity to ask and participate throughout all levels of training.  We encourage all of our shooters to share their experiences, so we are all learning as a team.  Our student's make the classes bigger, better and stronger because of their hard work, devotion and participation during training. 

NRA Basic Pistol for Kids
NRA Basic Pistol Class
Beginners Rifle Class
NRA Basic Pistol Classes
NRA Basic Pistol for Beginners